Mobile Command Vehicle


The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office Mobile Command Vehicle is fully equipped with communications and computer technology to make this vehicle self sufficient during emergency and critical incidents.  The Mobile Command Vehicle can respond to urgent incidents along with planned events to provide law enforcement with tools to fully function as an independent command center to protect the public in Harrison County or to any other location where it may be needed.

MC_05The Mobile Command Vehicle features a conference room, 5 computer dispatch work stations, a computerized “Smart Board” system along with a vast array of communications sources i.e. portable radios, cell phones and satellite telephones.  The unit is equipped with a video down link system which allows command staff to view live video footage transmitted from the department’s helicopters during manhunts or search and rescue events.  The vehicle also is equipped with two 56 foot masts with a 360 degree pan and zoom camera systems to monitor and record the areas around and near the command vehicle’s staged location.

The Mobile Command Vehicle is used in joint operations with other state, county, city and federal law enforcement agencies to insure the safety of both law enforcement and the community.

As the process of providing law enforcement and public safety becomes more challenging, law enforcement agencies are being required to utilize new technology well into the future.