School Resource Officer

Contact: 228-236-6694

The School Resource Division is directed by the Major of Operations and supervised by a Lieutenant. The division is comprised of thirteen state-certified deputies. In addition, each member of this division is also certified through the state’s School Resource Deputy program as well as other specialized training.

School Resource for Enforcement

Our School Resource Deputies are first and foremost law enforcement officers and they are responsible for addressing any criminal complaint or incident that arises on school property, or during school-sponsored events. Having full police powers, they are able to respond quickly and maintain order on school campuses in Harrison County.

To contact a School Resource Deputy for help with a problem:
Email Sgt. Michael Williams Or call 228-669-1147

School Resource for Education

The School Resource Deputy is also an educator for students of all ages, as well as for parents and other community members. These deputies are available to community schools to teach classes in law-related subjects such as Anti-Bullying, Conflict Resolution, Character Counts, Drug Education, State and Local Laws, and Internet Safety/Cyber Crimes.

The School Resource Deputy is a role model, providing a positive image through their professional appearance, genuine concern, and compassion to students. An important aspect of their job is establishing a rapport and making themselves approachable in order for students to share any issues and concerns they may have in their school, home, or community. The School Resource Deputy serves as the community liaison by establishing a collaborative relationship with school/community resources and working closely with the school counselors and staff concerning students’ needs. By utilizing all of the resources of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, School Resource Deputies are able to join with other divisions to ensure that each campus has the best law enforcement service to minimize crime within our schools and ensure a safer place for our children to learn.

School Resource Training

  1. Must be a certified law enforcement officer by Mississippi State Minimum Board of Peace Officers Standards and Training.
  2. Must receive certification from N.A.S.R.O. (National Association of School Resource Officers).
  3. Must receive additional training in areas of school safety, first responder, and active shooter responses.
  4. Must accumulate 40 additional hours of specialized training each year.
  5. Must maintain expert marksmanship for all firearms qualifications.

Community Involvement

The goal of this division is not only to serve and protect on school campuses, but to educate students and parents by making them aware of the criminal activity around them. This includes showing citizens how to avoid becoming a victim of crime and preventing them from becoming victims through programs such as:

  • Public Safety Cadet Program
  • Southeastern Law Enforcement Explorer Academy
  • Public Service Participation: March of Dimes, School Career Day
  • C.A.T. (Collision Avoidance Training) for Teenagers
  • Community First Aid/CPR Training
  • Civilian Firearms Safety Training
  • Parent/Community Internet Awareness Course

Underage Drinking Task Force

The School Resource Deputies work to keep teens from drinking underage. All School Resource Deputies educate teens on underage drinking. The School Resource Deputies work parties where underage drinking occurs and holds adults accountable. The deputies work to keep stores from selling alcohol to minors under 21. This is a problem that occurs all over America, and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to keeping the juveniles of Harrison County safe and sober.