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Lieutenant Darlene Minton
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The Transport Division is mainly used for the movement of inmates. In addition to handling all in-state and out-of-state extraditions, the Transport Division is also responsible for ensuring inmates’ attendance at Federal, Circuit, County, Chancery and Justice Courts. This division also transports inmates to and from medical appointments, emergency hospital calls and they provide security for an inmate if and when they are admitted to the hospital. The Transport Division is also responsible for picking up mentally ill people and transporting these individuals to the State Hospital for commitment and treatment as ordered by the Chancery Court. The Transport Division provides security for the Harrison County Courthouse during its daily operations.

The Bailiff’s Position is a sub-division of the Transport Division. Bailiffs provide security for their assigned judge and there are presently 14 judges which have bailiffs assigned to them. Bailiffs are responsible for maintaining order in our courtrooms and executing orders issued by Harrison County justices.