Sheriff Matt Haley

Sheriff Matt Haley
Certified Law Enforcement Officer

Since 1997


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   Sheriff Matt Haley has a track record of excellence and a deep understanding of the law enforcement landscape, Matt’s journey in law enforcement began at age of 23 when he joined the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office. Working under Sheriff Joe Price, Matt quickly made his mark as a dedicated and capable professional. Starting as a correctional officer in the jail, he exemplified his worth within the agency and earned the opportunity to serve as a patrol officer in Harrison County.

   Throughout his career, Matt’s commitment to community service and strong relationships has been unwavering. He actively engaged with our schools and community, understanding the unique needs and aspirations of the residents he served. This first-hand experience has shaped his perspective, ensuring that community service remains at the forefront of his priorities.

   With an impressive range of experience across multiple divisions within the Sheriff’s Office, Matt has developed a comprehensive understanding of the agency as a whole. From his time as a K9 officer to his roles in criminal investigations, task force operations, and narcotics enforcement, he has demonstrated his versatility and ability to adapt to various challenges.

   Matt’s dedication and leadership skills led to his promotion to the rank of Administrative Captain, where he worked closely with the Sheriff to make critical decisions for the agency’s well-being. In this role, he gained invaluable administrative experience that ensured effective and efficient law enforcement operations. Matt retired in January of 2023 to seek the office of Sheriff and was elected in August of 2023.

   Matt’s deep roots within the Harrison County community make him the ideal person to lead our Sheriff’s Office. Having resided in Harrison County for over 45 years, he understands the concerns and aspirations of our citizens, and his commitment to public safety and community well-being remains unwavering.