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Harrison County Court Department & Legal Contacts

Agency Office Phone Facsimile
Chancery Court, Biloxi 228-435-8228
Chancery Court, Gulfport 228-865-4095
Circuit Court, Biloxi 228-435-8258
Circuit Court, Gulfport 228-865-4147
County Court, Biloxi 228-435-8294
County Court, Gulfport 228-865-4097
Family Court 228-865-7000
Justice Court, Biloxi 228-435-8250 228-435-8279
Justice Court, Gulfport General 228-865-4203 228-867-6556
Justice Court, Gulfport Felony 228-865-4214 228-867-6556
Justice Court, Gulfport Tickets 228-865-1634 228-867-6556
District Attorney’s Office, Biloxi 228-435-8245
District Attorney’s Office, Gulfport 228-865-4003
Public Defender’s Office 228-563-5328 228-563-5335

Local Police Departments & Municipal Courts

Agency Office Phone Facsimile
Biloxi Municipal Court 228-435-6125 228-435-6165
Biloxi Police Department 228-392-0641 228-392-7227
D’Iberville Municipal Court 228-392-9726
Gulfport Municipal Court 228-868-5855
Gulfport Police Department 228-868-5900 228-868-5796
Long Beach Municipal Court 228-865-7840
Long Beach Police Department 228-863-7292 228-868-0070
Pass Christian Municipal Court 228-452-3319
Pass Christian Police Department 228-452-3300 228-452-3306

Local Sheriff’s Departments

Agency Office Phone Facsimile
Hancock County Sheriff’s Department 228-467-5101
Jackson County Sheriff’s Department 228-769-3063
Stone County Sheriff’s Department 601-928-7251

State Law Enforcement Agencies

Agency Office Phone Facsimile
Department of Corrections (Probation/Parole) 228-863-0222 228-868-0768
Department of Human Services 228-897-5600
Highway Safety Patrol (Gulfport) 228-863-1819 228-863-1819
Highway Safety Patrol (Jackson) 601-987-1212
Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (Gulfport) 228-392-6905 228-392-6744
Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (Jackson)

Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

Agency Office Phone Facsimile
Border Patrol 228-896-0884 228-896-8209
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms 228-388-5092
Coast Guard Station 228-865-9754
Customs Enforcement 228-214-7079 228-214-7019
Drug Enforcement Administration 228-863-2992 228-868-3112
High Intensity Drug Traffiking Area 228-871-5727 228-871-5567
Federal Bureau of Investigations 228-864-6131 228-214-2335
Marshal’s Service 228-563-1505 228-563-1511

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